Opinion: The Boardwalk of Education: College Board stretches the definition of a nonprofit

Do you recall the vexed faces of your pals when you gathered all their cash and forced them to market all of their homes?

I’m certain the average reader coming throughout this posting has performed the childhood match of Monopoly before. The objective of the sport is to simply just come to be a monopolist or an individual who controls the industry for a precise fantastic or company.

When we consider of monopolists, selected notorious figures arrive to head these as Rockefeller of Common Oil who experienced entire command around the oil market in the late 1800s. These days, a even larger monopoly has been managing the instruction field for more than a century and its title is College or university Board. 

School Board was launched in 1899, initially identified as the College or university Entrance Test Board. Its objective was to market college readiness and to guide the college or university admission system. Coincidentally, it was also launched as a nonprofit, although it raked in a mere income of about $1 billion in 2019 and produced a internet of above $55 million. Prime executives are paid in excess of $350,000 a yr.

In accordance to Cornell Law Faculty, a nonprofit is described as a “team organized for uses other than building income and in which no element of the organization’s income is distributed to its associates, administrators, or officers.” School Board is stretching this definition of a nonprofit. 

Nevertheless it is not mistaken for the chief executives of a nonprofit to be compensated, in accordance to salary.com, the common income of a CEO is $175,000 pounds and falls amongst the array of $132,000 to $225,000. This then raises the concern of why the College or university Board executives are paid out 2 times the typical of a frequent nonprofit executive.

Aside from some questionable financial selections, the Faculty Board retains a monopoly on a key admissions criteria for quite a few universities — standardized tests. Higher education Board is a single of the couple of businesses that are vital to college admissions and absolutely the greatest. Notable institutions that appear near to College or university Board could include things like the Intercontinental Baccalaureate and American University Tests organizations, but even those people are continue to considerably absent from the dominant position School Board holds.

In the United States, 1,207 educational institutions offer the IB program, even though about 22,000 universities supply Superior Placement classes with corresponding AP assessments specified by the Faculty Board. All the although 1.7 million learners are having the ACT examinations although 2.2 million students are using the Scholastic Aptitude Take a look at examinations. Due to the fact the College Board was the initial and only screening system for many years, it would acquire new organizations a good deal of do the job in get to be made plenty of to match the degree of the College Board.

Even nevertheless the SAT has misplaced prominence in excess of the decades owing to the University of California educational institutions eliminating the requirement for SAT scores in the admissions approach and other educational institutions remaining examination-optional, AP tests even now reign king,  as learners could be paying out $96 for every test through their whole high school expertise, usually having much more than a person each year.

So is there anything we can do? At the instant, I never believe so, except every single higher university scholar in the United States decides to not take any AP or SAT exams and schools no extended call for or think about it for admissions or university credit rating. I propose that the government really should develop a higher education tests system, on leading of the existing types, i.e. Prevalent Core, to switch the School Board. With this, the governing administration could also lower the rates or even exempt the service fees for using these tests and even if they don’t, we at the very least know that the money will go to community education and learning, encouraging educational institutions and students that want it, not filling the pockets of CEOs.

I am paying out far more than $100 this yr to choose 1 of my AP exams, and so are 2.7 million other college students. This doesn’t even involve the aspect that we could be having far more than a person test. College or university Board has profited off of us learners for many years, actively playing their group off as a nonprofit, when the top executives are acquiring compensated as substantially as the president of the United States is. There is no immediate way to acquire down this monopoly now, but as time goes on, we should really take a probability, restart at “Go,” and reset the board.