Becoming a lifeguard in the UK | Tips & Advice

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What are the Job Requirements as a Lifeguard?

Lifeguards are in high demand, especially when summer arrives and people decide to go to the beach or pool. However, the presence of lifeguards is becoming more popular, as many prefer to go to the pool on any given day, whether for entertainment or sports.

For those who want to work as a lifeguard, it is vital to have accredited training as a lifeguard, both in aquatic facilities and in natural spaces, and this is achieved by taking part in an approved course.

Next, the aspects that a lifeguard training, classes and course must cover are the following:


Prevention is the most basic point of these courses. These concepts seek to avoid and anticipate situations that cause accidents or emergencies in the sea or in a swimming pool.


Lifeguards must be alert for people in the water as well as facilities during the work shift.

Bailing out

In the event of an accident or an emergency, the life of the individual at risk may depend on the lifeguard’s work and their knowledge of first aid.

For this reason, the action of the lifeguard must be immediate and must be clear about the procedures to be carried out, in order to execute them properly.

Advantages of working as a lifeguard

Working as a lifeguard will be very beneficial, both for the person in charge and for bathers who suffer accidents. Its main advantages are:

More experience in a growing sector

It is important to note that lifeguard work has evolved beyond the summer holidays. Currently, in indoor pools, there is a considerable demand for professionals who are capable of taking care of the safety of those who swim in the facilities.

Because of this, after completing a lifeguard course, accepting a job as a lifeguard will be a good first experience to broaden your resume.

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The days are always different

Not everyone wants to work according to a daily routine, and this is exactly what happens with the lifeguard position. Being a lifeguard means experiencing the day to day without knowing what will happen next.

Increased employability

The level of employability of the lifeguard sector increases due to the fact that during the holidays, lifeguards are sought to prevent any accident in the water.

However, it is also a job that may require a change of residence during the high season.

Get a job as a lifeguard

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